Testimonials straight from Google - 4.9/5 Stars!

“They MOTIVATE you...”

This is the ONLY gym/facility where I can go and KNOW that I will leave having been worked to my limit! Awesome community both Instructors and Members, which is probably the main reason I've kept going back for years! Jodi and Chris are SUPER knowledgeable regarding haw to help you achieve your own personal goals and how to maximize each workout to do so. Also, they're not Drill Sergeants, but they don't take it easy on you either. They MOTIVATE you to get the most out of each class/session..

— Kerry McCoy

“The classes are never the same...”

I am new to Cross Fit and I am very impressed with the classes. They are an excellent combination to challenge all of your muscle groups and you!! You leave each class feeling mentally exhillerated because you met the challenge, physically with that boost of energy from exercise, and finally knowing that you worked all your muscle groups. The classes are never the same routine so that muscles confusion helps your muscles grow , lengthen and firm up. The staff is very friendly, well educated and very knowledgeable with expertise in many areas. Their professional knowledge is what makes these routines well thought out with good body mechanics and adaptations to prevent injury. That's a win win to me, with time and money well spent!!!!

— Robin Mix

“The workouts are awesome”

I started recently here, and absolutely love it! The workouts are awesome, community is great and couldn't be happier with my experience here!

— Jaime Ryan

“Best gym ever!”

Best gym ever! It's never the same workout twice and you will love how you feel afterwards. The trainers and great and you really look forward to the classes. 

— Jenah Yeung


“You will NEVER get bored...”

If you're looking to get in the best shape of your life AND enjoy doing it, check out CFT! The phenomenal coaches and awesome members are motivation enough to endure intense workouts over and over again. You will NEVER get bored and you will continuously notice your body changing!

— Francesca D'Souza

“Knowledgeable coaches...”

Knowledgeable coaches, friendly/encouraging community, great facility.. Can't say enough positive things about the place I am lucky enough to call home! 

— Katie Flament